Care Homes Clearly at the ‘Front Line’


1 May 2020

By Elizabeth Bradshaw

It has become increasingly clear over the last few weeks and even more so the last few days that care homes and their residents have been severely hit by Coronavirus.

It certainly seems on the face of it that they have been the poor cousin in relation to provision of support and/or equipment. The numbers involved and produced by the government have erstwhile only included those affected within hospitals and specifically excluded those at home and in care homes. In the immediate future, when this is rectified, it is clear that the numbers will significantly increase and produce a telling picture of how severe an impact this has had.

Care homes have been doing absolutely all they can to protect their residents and staff

As recently reported some homes specifically buying in their own protective gear and/or buying tests for carers. This is now something that the government have started to address, but bearing in mind the numbers being spoken about at present – the question has to be asked was this too little, too late?

It is always the case that those who care for and support residents in residential care face an extremely difficult task. This is consistently shouldered with good cheer, sympathy and a real concern for those they look after. This has continued throughout this uncertain time and having to deal with a new and very present danger as an addition and should be applauded.

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