Essex Farmers to profit from Tour de France

4 February 2015

With the third stage of the world-famous cycle race passing through Cambridgeshire and Essex on 7 July 2014, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) are encouraging Farmers to use some of their land for car parking and campsites.

However, special permission would need to be sought from Natural England where  such land has been set aside for conservation. Yet Nicola Currie, the CLA’s regional director for the East suggested that whilst   specific guidelines for how land set aside for environmental reasons or as Sites of Special Scientific Interest must be followed,  permission is still likely to be given to change the use of the land for a temporary period during the Tour de France.

Noting that “normally these sites are managed very specifically to help the environment,” Ms Currie emphasises that “the Tour de France is a particularly special one-off opportunity on 7 July and it would be good to get everybody to take part.”

The above is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general  interest about current legal issues.